Permission Management for Department Managers

Not only does Snapshot provide department heads or department managers with an enormous amount of instant, real time information – they can also control who see’s what information, within their teams.

That becomes very useful to the department manager because he or she can provide any number of Dashboards to any individual simply by adding them as Users, then adding Permissions to the pertinent Dashboard(s). This means that instead of providing reporting via email or paper, individuals can access their own information, freeing up the department manager to do other things.

If you need to provide a Departmental P & L or Sales Report for example, this can be achieved quickly with very little customisation. This allows staff to self serve their information as required providing them up to date intelligence on how their department is performing with no fuss or bother.

One other example is the time spent by the finance department, preparing information for staff via manual data manipulation. They then on-send the information via  report or spreadsheet.
As explained above, simply add them as users and allocate permissions and you’re done!

Snapshot reduces the work load on finance and provides real time information to those who need it.

Department Managers – Data Choices 

Many of the Snapshot Dashboards are applicable to department managers. Here’s a complete listing of the kind of Dashboard Information across each category:

For the General Ledger:

The General Ledger Dashboards will help Department Managers view important information


Incident Management:

Department Managers will appreciate Snapshot Incident Dashboards (Sage Evolution only) for better information


Inventory Management:

Viewing detailed inventory information is easy for Department Managers with the Inventory Dashboards range

Job Costing and Purchasing Dashboards:

Need instant information on Job Costing and Purchasing. Department Managers use Snapshot for instant, real time information

And of course, Sales Dashboards:

Sales information is easy for Department Managers heading up Sales divisions. Immediate, real time sales data for every customer.


All of the above examples are for Sage Evolution (now called Sage 100/200) and each Dashboard can be customised further. You can view these brief customer videos to see how.

Snapshot also works with a variety of other vendors – see here for more information.

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