Partner First Customer Training

The First Customer Training is the final step of the Partner Guided Training program. You can view the Getting Started and Intermediate Training outlines which are the steps before the completion of this Partner First Customer Training.

In this phase the Partner is allocated their own personal Snapshot trainer to help with a new or existing Customer who has a need for better reporting or Dashboarding.

Snapshot suggests these steps below to complete the Partner First Customer Training:

  1. Once Snapshot has been introduced to the First Customer, a Trial version of Snapshot can be downloaded and installed.
  2. The Customer can make immediate use of the Community Library and see their data displayed in a variety of ways across a number of business categories.
  3. In most cases the Customer may require some customisation of a particular Dashboard or even require a new Dashboard from scratch.
  4. Book the one on one session at this time. Plus Software will hold your hand during a LIVE SESSION, helping you customise or create your first Dashboard. This completes the Guided Learning (Getting Started and Intermediate) Program, building off the foundation of training you have already received.

Partner First Customer Training Dates/Times – choose below 

(The time zone will auto adjust to your calendar)

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