Completing the Partner Gold Certification

Once you’ve run through the Guided Learning program, you can also complete the Gold Certification.

This is relatively easy to do, in a few easy steps:

  1. Complete the 2 exercises below, on your desktop version of Snapshot.
  2. Do this by recording the exercise (here’s how)
  3. Once complete, email us your outcomes.

View Creation

1. View Creation

  1. Write a sale SQL query with the following columns:
    • Date
    • Customer Code / Name
    • Inventory Code / Description
    • Rep / Sales person Code / Name
    • Quantity Sold
    • Value Sold
  2. Create a custom view in Snapshot using your sales query created above
  3. Add the view in Snapshot to your database, using the Snapshot feature (Add View to Database).

Create a video using Jing or your own screen recording software of the above process.  See below for on how to do this. Don’t record point 1, just show the completed query and then from point 2 onwards.

Dashboard Creation

2. Custom Dashboard Creation

  1. Create a new custom dashboard from scratch using the view you just created.
  2. Add a bar chart to display sales by value per month. Give the bar chart a header and change the axis name.
  3. Add a grid to show customer sales. Show 2 different ways to represent the sales value. Give the grid a header and edit the column names to suit. Add a grand total for the sales value column.
  4. Add a second grid for inventory sales. Show both the quantity and value sold.
  5. Add in a gauge to sale rep / sales person sales
  6. Make the dashboard interactive by enabling filtering on all components, e.g. when clicking on a month in the bar chart, all other components data is filtered to that month.


How to certify

  1. Use Jing screen capture video recording software to record the various sections of the Silver or Gold certification (up to 5 min per video)
  2. Send this URL link to
  3. Or use your own screen recording and send via this page.

If you have your own screen recording software, there’s no need to use Jing.

Record as per normal, and send your completed via this page.

Once we have verified  your recording, we will immediately certify you and you can progress to Intermediate training if you wish.

If you have any questions or need help at any time, please call or email us at



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