The Partner Getting Started Training – Guided Learning


You’ve taken the first step by ordering Getting Started Training. This is a downloadable Learning course and it’s a Partner low-time cost way to be introduced to the magic of Instant Dashboards for your customers.

Start your Getting Started Learning now:

  1. Download Snapshot here.
  2. Download the Installation Instructions
  3. Install and sign up to the 30-day unconditional trial (choose “I don’t know” as the Partner choice).
  4. Username is admin and Password is reportingadmin
  5. Connect your internal company database or a demo database.
  6. Review and understand the Getting Started Manual for Customers.
  7. Watch the Customer Getting Started Videos.
  8. Review and understand The Customising Dashboards Manual for Customers.
  9. Understand how the Free Web Dashboards Module works – Watch Here
  10. Complete Silver Certification here.
  11. And last, but not least, get your First Trial Customer. (Ask your Account Manager how- it’s easy!)

Note: Partners can use for any questions regarding the Snapshot software and certification, AT ANY TIME!

The Getting Started Training session is for:

  • IT & Networking consultants
  • Accounting and Bookkeeping personnel
  • Support and Service personnel of Accounting and Payroll customers

Once you’ve completed the Getting Started Training, you can apply for your Snapshot Customer and Partner Version of Snapshot and book the Partner Intermediate Training course and then following on from that, the Partner First Customer Guided Learning Session.

Easy Trial Option

Download SnapshotBI at no charge

Download Here

Connect Snapshot to you Business System Database in minutes for Instant Data

Connect Your Database

Use Snapshot for 30 days, unconditional money back

Sign up & Use for 30 Days

After the 30-Day Unconditioanl Trial, continue to use to money back (software)

Continue Using or Money Back (software)