The Partner Intermediate Training – Guided Learning

Once Partners have completed the Getting Started Guided Learning, the next step is the Partner Intermediate Training. This is a Guided Learning session and the Snapshot Dashboard trainers will cover some more intermediate (and even advanced) skills in Dashboard Design and Creation.

Start now

  1. Book an Intermediate Training Session covering Dashboard Design
    ( Or progress immediately to Step 2, if you don’t need Step 1 above)
  2. Download the Partner-Intermediate-Training-manual
  3. Watch the Snapshot Intermediate Partner Videos here
  4. Watch the following Dev Express Videos:

By now you’re a Dashboard Genius!

Note: Partners can use for any questions regarding the software and certification.

Want to do the optional Gold Certification? Test your knowledge by completing this Gold Certification here.


Partners wishing to attend Intermediate Training will need to have completed the Getting Started Guided Learning.

Ideally a Partner should also have an understanding of the following:

  1. Basic scripting to create views.*
  2. An understanding of Dashboard components like graphs (axis and series), pivots, pie charts, etc.
  3. An understanding of Parameters and how they can pass through into Queries. This will help in making Dashboards interactive and offer options on how to limit the data returned.

*More advanced scripting understanding like stored procedures would also be useful.

Once you’ve completed your Intermediate Guided Learning, the final step is to put it all into practice with a new or existing or new customer.
And we’ll help you there too – book your One on One First Customer Guided Learning.

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