Manage & Improve Inventory & Warehouse Visibility

Inventory & Warehouse Managers have a wealth of information at their finger tips through the wide range of Inventory Warehouse Dashboards within Snapshot.

With so many Dashboards, it’s easy to have complete visibility and detailed information about your stock. Our “immediately available to you” range of Dashboards will cover most of your data needs. Your choices includes the Inventory Supply & Demand Analysis Dashboard , the Slow Moving Items by Customer Dashboard, or the Out of Stock Instances Dashboard, to name a few of the Inventory Warehouse Dashboards available.

Inventory Analysis Dashboard

The Inventory Analysis Dashboard provides detailed information on product lines, but lets you filter by Warehouse, or Inventory Group. You can easily see stock valuation by product, warehouse, group, as well as comparing last purchase cost to current sell prices to ensure correct pricing.

The Inventory Analysis Dashboard is one of the many Inventory Warehouse Dashboards available to Snapshot users interested in better stock management

This is just one of a series of Inventory & Warehouse dashboards available.

Other Inventory Warehouse Dashboards

Here’s a listing of what’s currently available for Inventory businesses, within Snapshot. Depending on your business software (accounting or payroll) database, this list may vary.

Snapshot provides an excellent number of Dashboards for those users interested in Inventory Warehouse Dashboards


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