The Business Intelligence (B.I.) space is crowded and competitive. Fact!

With Business Intelligence solutions becoming absolutely essential for most businesses, there’s no shortage of jargon words and terminology like “Cloud Dashboarding” used to market the different solutions available today.

It’s not that hard, actually:

Most Businesses want:

  1. An easy system that can accurately translate raw data into relevant information for the business;
  2. A solution that comes with a low cost of implementation, and flexibility to customise the information to suit the Business.

Enter Snapshot.Live!

Snapshot.Live was developed with these two key points in mind:

1. Easy:

We make it cheaper, easier, and faster to implement a Business Intelligence solution for your Business, unlike many other B.I. Solutions in the market.

Try it now. Head to www.Plus.Live, and sign up for a Free Trial.

No credit Card needed.

Normally, from here the implementation of a Business Intelligence system is usually a time-intensive and cost-intensive process but with our ready-to-go Data Connectors, it couldn’t be easier.

Download and connect our Data Connector to your Business System.

2. Low Cost:

Once the Data Connector is connected, the Business gets a set of our Community Dashboards for immediate insight. Nothing to do – immediately view valuable business data!

You (or your Business Partner) can then copy and customise these Community Dashboards and significantly lower the costs of establishing the KPIs and reports for your business.

We also provide one of the most open solutions on the market, and you can connect to multiple business systems and databases. This means you can use a single solution across multiple systems.

And here’s something unique:

We provide 1 free user of Snapshot.Live to any Customer (forever) so you can experience powerful business insights immediately.

Just try it and see how easy and low cost Snapshot.Live really is!

For more information or a free demo on this or any of our solutions, contact us at Support@Plus.Live