Instant Job Project Management Dashboards

Job & Project Managers can review Job performance in real time, monitoring actual costs and revenue against budget at any stage of the project using Snapshot Job Project Management Dashboards. Any Job Department Manager can quickly identify jobs that are running over budget, review what stages or cost centres have over runs and where attention needs to be focused.

Job Labour Estimates vs Actual

One example is the Job Labour Dashboard where you can view all information about your estimated costs, and your variances.

Other Job Project Management Costing Dashboards

There are a number of additional Job Project Management Dashboards within Snapshot, providing managers and key staff with immediate awareness of how jobs and projects are travelling.

Jobs can be sorted by cost variance to quickly see all jobs over or approaching budgeted costs. Select the job and you can drill down into stages and cost centres to find out where and why budgets have been exceeded. You can track by labour or materials, and adjust accordingly as required, depending on your needs.

Here’s a list of the Job Project Management Dashboards:

The Job Project Management Dashboards vary in terms of information. This screen shot shows the current number of Snapshot Dashboards available in Job Costing.



Of course you can customise Dashboards even further. Customers can learn how to do that on the Customer Getting Started page. Note that Dashboards vary by Vendor.

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