Snapshot is now available for ABM Customers

Partners and Customers that wanted a better way to deliver intelligent Reports and view ABM Dashboards can now rejoice…

Snapshot is a Dashboard and Reporting tool that plugs into your Business System and gives priceless information about all aspects of your business, real time.

Once installed, Snapshot trawls through your Business System data and produces instant visual Dashboards. Snapshot was previously only available for Ostendo, Sage Evolution, and Sybiz but is now available for Advanced Business Manager (ABM).

Real time ABM Dashboards are now available

Now ABM users can take advantage of this amazing plug and play Dashboard tool (install and use within minutes) giving immediate intelligence and data visualisation about every aspect of the business.

You can customise the Dashboards further, and connect Snapshot to other SQL sources so all your business information is on one or a number of Dashboards.
ABM customers can also receive new Dashboards via the Community at no extra charge.

It’s pretty simple to connect your Business System database. After downloading Snapshot from the Downloads page, head to the Settings Menu item within Snapshot, click on Update Business System Connection and choose ABM.


ABM Dashboards are available through Snapshot

To connect Snapshot for ABM Dashboards, see Settings Menu


Advanced Business Manager joins Sage Evolution, Sybiz Vision and Ostendo

Welcome ABM Customers.It’s good to have you on-board….

For more information, or a free demonstration contact us.

Or to trial Snapshot and see your business data in real time, visual ABM Dashboards, download and install Snapshot.