What’s hot?

Snapshot Version 2 – now available for download to existing and new customers – that’s what!
Customers can customise Dashboards and Partners can create new Dashboards from scratch in this new version…

If you’re new to Snapshot, this fast growing Business Intelligence Solution is an excellent way to manage your Business Analytics, Statistics, Reporting, KPI’s and general  Business Intelligence.

It’s easy to download and install Snapshot – giving you instant data from your  accounting and payroll solutions. Snapshot version 2 (now available) adds even more power.

What’s the key difference between Snapshot 1 and 2?

The Custom Dashboard section.

With the previous version of Snapshot, when needing a Custom Dashboard customers had to rely on Plus Software to customise an existing Dashboard (or create a new one). As you can see above, new functionality exists for Customers and Partners to copy Community Dashboards and edit from there.

New Functionality

  1. Customer can now customise their own Dashboards in terms of layout, look and feel.
  2. Further “behind the scenes” Dashboard changes can now also be made by Partners instead of by Plus Software. This makes more sense because Partners have more intimate knowledge of their customer’s businesses. (If a Partner does not have the necessary SQL and Development Express Skills, the Customisation can be done by Plus, on behalf of the Partner.)
  3. Partners will have the ability to log into their own portal and manage their own customers Custom Dashboards.

The new Snapshot version 2 is available for download now.

Upgrade instructions are here