New payroll Dashboards

Correct! Payroll Dashboards now available and ready for download. Off the back of the highly rated Snapshot for Accounting (for ABM, Sage, Ostendo and Sybiz)  Plus Software is pleased to announce a range of very useful Payroll and HR Dashboards.

Payroll Dashboards now available – quick installation!

Download from our downloads page, connect your Sybiz Visipay database and within seconds users can view a variety of useful Payroll Dashboards. These payroll dashboards provide great visuals and analytics offering the HR and Payroll team useful information that simply cannot be achieved with standard reporting.

And it’s real time!

Types of Payroll Dashboards now available

  • Employee Gross Payments Annual Comparison
  • Pay Summary Detail
  • Number of Pays Processed.

One Snapshot Dashboard in particular, really stands out: Annual Leave Projection:

This Dashboard instantly filters all existing employee information and represent the data allowing the Payroll Officer an ability to project annual leave in hours, or days, with actual and forecast visibility to the relevant payroll employee.

Remember : you get 14 days to trial Snapshot for Payroll to see how your data looks and feels.

(Snapshot for Payroll is currently only available for Sybiz Visipay).

For more information or a free demo on this or any of our solutions, contact us at