The Snapshot Web Dashboards module is a version of Snapshot that works in conjunction with the Desktop version of Snapshot to allow access to all the same Dashboards (whether Community or Custom) via ANY web browser, maintaining all your predefined user accounts and security permissions.

The Snapshot Web Dashboards module is a free add on and it’s excellent for team members who are always on the go and out of the office. Plus Software team has just released a brief Webinar for Customers and Partners to show how the Web Dashboards module can be accessed, how it’s deployed and how it looks and feels. Cool hey?

Some key points:

  • The Snapshot Web Dashboard module is deployed via Microsoft Internet Information Services on the business servers.
  • No information is stored outside of your system and the Snapshot Web Dashboards software uses a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate to ensure data encryption and security.
  • All existing filtering, sorting and drill down functionality can also be found in Web Snapshot, providing a powerful Bi platform for remote staff.

More information about Snapshot Web Dashboards can be found on our website here .

Wait, there’s more!

You can also learn more about Customising Dashboards by watching a brief Webinar that we put together for our Customers and Partners earlier this year. We’ve included that Webinar below:

For more information or a free demo on this or any of our solutions, contact us at

And don’t forget, you can use Snapshot for 14 days for free. Download Trial HERE.