Information within your Payroll software is sometimes difficult to extract into meaningful reports, especially when it comes to data around employee forecasting. Our new Community Dashboard for Snapshot Payroll customers deals with one forecasting challenge  – Annual Leave Projected Entitlement versus actual taken…

Snapshot BI for Payroll allows you to instantly Dashboard almost all your Payroll reporting needs, in visual, easy to share Dashboards.

One of the advantages of Snapshot is access to the Community Dashboard section within Snapshot BI.

Plus Software Solutions (the developers of Snapshot) releases new Dashboards from time to time into the Snapshot Community, for download. This latest Community Dashboard revolves around Employee Annual Leave projections.

The Problem – Payroll leave entitlement versus taken

Most Small to Medium Businesses do not manage their annual leave as well as they should. The fact is that Leave liabilities should be monitored frequently because it affects the company liabilities via the Balance Sheet. As employee remuneration increases, so does the leave liability on the Balance Sheet.

Think about that for a momentIt’s like paying interest on a bank loan.

One reason this liability is sometimes not considered, is because it’s not easy to extract and to view – it’s not “front of mind”. Business owners & managers need to be able to instantly see what an employee’s total leave entitlement is, at a point in time. They will then be able to effectively manage it – i.e. a conversation around taking employee entitlement becomes much easier when the data is available. Naturally…


The Solution

Snapshot created a unique Dashboard that could not only provide leave entitlements for all staff in one view, but could also calculate remaining leave entitlements for the current financial year, including leave that has been approved but not yet taken (also called upcoming leave). This Dashboard is called Payroll Leave Entitlement versus taken

New Community Payroll Dashboard to manage employee annual liabilities and entitlements in one Dashboard

As you can see above, in the above Dashboard screen shot, this Snapshot was designed to enable businesses to effectively manage their employee annual liabilities and entitlements in a single, efficient view of data.

This means that at any point in time a business owner or manager could see who is on target to take their full quota. Conversations with staff can then be had around planning leave either by the owner or department head.

It was designed for Business Owners / Managers and the response from current customers thus far has been excellent! We’re grateful to those existing customers who gave input into this problem solving Dashboard.

To access the Payroll leave entitlement versus taken Dashboard, head over to the Settings pull down menu, within Snapshot, click on the icon Check for New Dashboards, and the Dashboard will appear in your Community Dashboard section.

NB – to include future dated approved leave in the calculations, the customer must be using Sybiz Vision Employee Self Service (ESS) with Visipay, and approving leave as it is requested.

For more information or a free demo on this solution (if you’re not using Snapshot) or any of our solutions, contact us at