The MYOB Exo Sales Dashboards library continues to grow, driven by the Plus Software development team and the Community of Customers and Partners.

These instant real time Dashboards  are downloadable into MYOB Exo…

In addition to the Sales Dashboards, there are other Dashboards available across Inventory, Jobs, General Ledger and Purchasing.

If you’re new to MYOB Exo Sales Dashboards, you’re in for a treat. Snapshot is an INSTANT Business Intelligence (BI) solution. After the download and quick install, Snapshot interrogates your MYOB Exo information and explodes your data into Real Time Dashboards.

What’s more, any MYOB Exo user can trial this fast growing BI software for free.

How? Download Snapshot, connect your MYOB Exo database, and view your data in a completely different way – free for 14 days.

You can ask your Partner for help or use the installation guide, if you’re comfortable with installations and set up of  business software.

In particular, the Sales Dashboards are very useful.

Real Time MYOB Exo Sales Dashboards

One specific Dashboard MYOB Exo customers love is the All Time, All Sales Dashboard.

A user (with allocated permissions) can click on this Dashboard to instantly show real time, up to the minute sales data.  The user can filter and customise sales information pertaining to products or customers quickly and easily. Here’s what it looks like:

The MYOB Exo Sales Dashboards reveal excellent sales data


The MYOB Exo All Time All Sales Dashboard shows the actual overall value, with filtering options down to individual customers, via a date range, or by area, and by item, group and by customer.

If you’re needing to customise this dashboard further, that’s easy too.

Snapshot allows you to copy the Dashboard. This will save the copy under the Custom Dashboards Menu item. Once saved here, open the Snapshot Dashboard in the Snapshot Dashboard Designer, customise the Dashboard further, and save.

We’ve provided Customers with training manuals and videos to help with this Dashboard customisation.

Partners can create new Dashboards and add new data sources to help their customers. All of that is explained in our Partner Training courses.

There’s a Snapshot Dashboard for MYOB Exo for every role within the organisation. For a free demonstration, click here or contact us.