The new Snapshot is here!

A key enhancement is the ability to create Excel Dashboards from any Excel spreadsheet. Customers can create these Dashboards in the Custom Dashboard section. Ask your Partner or Plus Software for more information about this easy new feature. But wait! There’s more…

Upgrading Snapshot is pretty easy.

If you want the ability to create Excel Dashboards from within Snapshot, as well as gain access to the other enhancements within the new Snapshot (listed below) you will need to click on the “Update” button (red frame below) before logging into your current version.

Easily upgrade Snapshot by clicking here

This will download and overwrite your existing Snapshot version.

Note – Please check with your  I.T. Administrator or Partner before upgrading. You can also contact Plus on if you run into any problems during the upgrade process.

There are a number of other enhancements (aside from the ability to create Excel Dashboards) within the new Snapshot:

You can add a “Home” Dashboard for display

You now have the ability to add a favourite Dashboard to “Home”.

Add any Dashboard to Home - this is now the first Dashboard that pops up when logging in

From that point on, when you log into Snapshot the Dashboard that you chose as the default is the one that will run immediately, when logging into Snapshot. 


You now have “subscription options” from within the software

Under Settings, there is now a Snapshot Subscription option. Customers can now click on this setting to subscribe directly from within Snapshot, dependent on your territory. Move seamlessly from a Trial to a Subscription, in a Snap. Ahem…

Subscribe to Snapshot from within the software


Search across the range of Dashboards to find the right one for your business.

Want to find out which Dashboards have the words “gross” or “profit”?

Type in “gross profit” into the search box (on the top right of the Dashboard screen) and a range of Dashboards with either of these two words will appear. Yeah!

Search across the range of Dashboards to find the right one for your business

Other Technical enhancements

Desktop version: 

This now allows for multiple auto parameters based on the user. However, this only works if  the Dashboard query is done using the inbuilt query designer, and not manually typed.

Web Dashboards:

The config for the Web version of Snapshot now has a small ‘helper’ app that can be used to configure the database settings instead of just manually editing a file. The config file is now  in a different folder too, so it doesn’t get overwritten during an upgrade.

That’s it for now! If you’re not using Snapshot, head to our download page, download and Trial?

Or contact us for a free demonstration.